Artwork Designs

The first step to successfully branding a company, product or service is to create a memorable and distinctive logo for your target market.

Lucid Artwork

Web Projects

Your website should be a window for customers to look in and learn about your company, products and services, and provide valuable sales revenue.

Lucid Websites

Print & Social Media

To give your campaign a jump start in the marketplace, it must include high quality, eye catching print media and directed social marketing.

Lucid Media

Digital Print Design

Full Color Printing Made Easy

Design and layout for full color print media is quite different from digital marketing. Our design engineers can take your message and turn it into a colorful work of art. Renderings, alterations and proofs are sent to you via PDF to insure visibility on any platform, including your mobile device.

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E-Commerce Partner

The Next Level Webmaster Program

Do you have a great product or service, but not sure if you have the time or finances to make it a reality on the world wide web?

Partner Program

Mission Statement

Our Pledge

Lucid Logo will utilize all of our technology and expertise to create a clear, direct and understandable marketing campaign for you to effectively communicate your message, brand your product or your service. We will accomplish this by listening to you, and transforming your vision into memorable logos, colorful images, websites, graphic designs, print and social media. It is our desire to help you grow your business with a better image, effective marketing, managed expenses and retained profits.

We're ready to go to work.