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adjective - easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible; characterized by clear perception or understanding; shining or bright; rational; clear.

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Lucid Logo design and engineering was born six years ago in the great city of Tampa. The Director of Design, Joseph Gonzalez, has built the company on one simple foundation: create a clear, direct and understandable marketing campaign for clients to effectively communicate a message or brand. Transforming your vision into colorful images, memorable logos, websites, graphics, print and social media is our ultimate goal.

The first step in branding a company, organization, or product is a distictive logo. The logo must communicate to the consumer an idea of your business or service. Here's a simple test: look at any logo for 3-5 seconds, close your eyes, and then recall as much detail about the logo as possible. Great logos pass this test with ease! Shapes, colors, letters, wording and negative space all play particular and important roles in logo creation. Your logo, when properly branded, can stand alone as a calling card for viewers to identify and connect with your business instantly.

Once your logo is designed, the fun really begins! Branding your logo should involve all the elements of graphic design, copyright, web presence, and print media. Your website should be a window which the world can look into and learn about your company, products and service. Functionality across various browser platforms and smartphones has become an essential marketing tool for every type of business or service organization. In the world of mobility, access is key. To compliment your marketing campaign, social and print media must be incorporated to gain maximum exposure in the marketplace. We have the knowledge and capability to make your vision a reality through newsletters, billboards, gift cards, door hangers, and many other print media forums. Let us show you what we can do!

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